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Strategic Growth & Sustainable Development Committee Terms of Reference

Name of Committee: Strategic Growth & Sustainable Development Committee

Purpose: The Strategic & Sustainable Development Committee will provide advice on the marketing and promotion of horse racing in Alberta, as well as advice and recommendations on opportunities which will assist in the growth of horse racing in Alberta.

Authority: The Strategic Growth & Sustainable Development Committee serves as an advisory body to the Board.

Terms of Reference: The Strategic Growth & Sustainable Development Committee will have the authority to:

Reporting Responsibilities

  • Provide advice to the Board on matters pertaining to its mandate
  • Advise the Board on any other related issue relative to the parameters of this committee

Budget & Business Planning

  • Advise on key strategic initiatives relative to the business plan, marketing, and industry relationships

Marketing & Promotion

  • Propose new forms of marketing, promotional services, and industry awareness
  • Ensure that the Board is advised as to the proposed marketing plan and strategies
  • Ensure that Horse Racing Alberta’s website is maintained and advice is provided on content
  • Ensure where possible that HRA is represented at all industry-related functions

Fostering of Industry Growth

  • Inform the Board of any industry issues which may inhibit growth or the health of the industry
  • Ensure that the focus of Horse Racing Alberta is placed on those opportunities which have the greatest potential to foster industry growth
  • Review the evaluation of the economic impact of horse racing in the province and make recommendations to improve the economic impact
  • Encourage the conduct of research into methods to increase the financial resources arising from live racing, gaming activities, and any other related initiatives
  • Review and recommend the development of new partnerships and non-traditional ways of strengthening the industry
  • Advise the Board in identifying new ways of positively impacting any licensing / sanctioning decisions and/or the development of new games by AGLC
  • Review and recommend steps which will promote the sustainability of the horse racing industry
  • Identify industry-wide issues, provincially and nationally; other issues of importance to the industry on which Horse Racing Alberta should either take the lead or act as an arbitrator or facilitator
  • Ensure that Horse Racing Alberta maintains a constructive and healthy relationship with the tracks

Membership: The Strategic Growth & Sustainable Development Committee chair is Brittany Davis.


  • Allan Goodsell
  • Blair Corbeil
  • Dan Gorman
  • John Hind
  • Paul Ryneveld

Staff Support

  • Kent Verlik
  • Ron Gregg

Chairmanship: The Chair of the Horse Racing Alberta Board will name the Chair of any and all committees, with approval from the Board.

Membership and Rotation: All committee members will be appointed for a 1 year term. Member terms can be extended on an annual basis.

Resources: The CEO will determine and assign a staff member as the primary advisor to the Committee. If necessary, a recording secretary may also be appointed. The Committee will also be accorded a budget to cover meeting expenses, meals/coffee, photocopying, and other related activities.

Timeframe: The Sustainable Business Committee is a standing committee. The Committee will meet at the call of the Chair of the Committee not less frequently than once every two months and may meet according to a set schedule approved by its members. Such a schedule will be registered with the Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Tenure: The Committee is a standing committee and as such will be deemed to be continuous, subject to having its terms of reference and membership reviewed and renewed by the Board (on the recommendation of the Board Chair) every year.

Reporting: The Sustainable Business Committee will provide its minutes to the Executive Assistant to the CEO within 48 hours of any committee meeting. The Committee will be expected to inform the Board on a regular basis of its activities. This update will include the minutes of the most recent meeting of the Committee and if necessary a verbal update of activities since the last committee meeting.

Budget: The Sustainable Business Committee will have a budget assigned to it on an annual basis. The budget shall be an amount deemed necessary by the Board to cover the expenses of the Committee. Committee members will not have the authority to commit Horse Racing Alberta to the expenditure of any funds, except that which is accorded to the Committee for administrative purposes.

Contact with the Media: Any contact with the media shall be handled by the Chair of the Board.

Public Meetings: Unless otherwise provided for in the Procedural Bylaw of the Board, the meetings of the Committee shall be deemed to be open to other board members, who may attend and ask questions but may not vote. Where the matter deals with an issue which is deemed to be confidential, the Committee may move to go “in-camera” to discuss that matter. An in-camera session of the Committee will be restricted by the Committee to only members of the Committee. The only motions permitted as consequence at that time, shall be the motion to go in-camera and the motion to revert back to a public meeting. Any motion dealing with the matter dealt with in-camera will be made in a committee meeting.