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Standardbred Retention Program

Written by Gigi Van Ostrand, DVM
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1. Horse Racing Alberta (HRA), in its sole discretion, may require horses to be placed in a retention area for a disclosed period of time prior to races in any added money, and/or overnight race(s).

2. The period of time any such horse is detained in the retention area is at the sole and absolute discretion of HRA and may vary from time to time.

3. If horses are required by HRA to be placed in the retention area, notification of such requirement will be set out on the overnight sheet as distributed by the Race Office.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the trainer to have the horses under his or her care, which are programmed to race, signed into the retention area at the time prescribed by HRA.

5. The retention area will have restricted access and will be monitored by security at all times when any horse or horses are stabled in the retention area.

6. Responsibility for the Applicant's horse while stabled in the retention area shall remain solely with the Applicant. In no event shall HRA assume any responsibility or· liability for the Applicant’s horse .

7. Horses reported late to the retention area will be scratched by the HRA Judges.

8. Horses in the retention barn and horses arriving at the retention barn will not be permitted to leave the retention area once they have been checked in by a Security Officer .

9. All horses entering the retention barn must have their time of arrival registered by a Security Officer and their identification confirmed. The racing department will supply security with a Standardbred Canada identification list.

10. While in the retention area, no horses shall be parenterally or orally treated or medicated except when authorized by HRA.

11. No electrolytes, transpirators or other breathing apparatus will be permitted in the retention area. Any horse that is found to be parenterally or orally treated while in the retention area will be scratched by the HRA Judges.

12. At the time of declaration the trainer must declare a maximum of two licensed people who may have access to the retention barn. They must be either the trainer or groom of the horse named on the declaration. Only these two persons listed by the trainer will be permitted access to the retention barn. All declared persons entering the retention barns must be signed in by a Security Officer and must show their valid HRA license. All persons leaving the retention barn must be signed out by the Security Officer. Feed people are not the responsibility of HRA.

13. If a veterinarian is required to attend to a sick or injured horse, Security Officers will contact the Official Veterinarian. In the event of an emergency, and where the Official Veterinarian is not available, a resident veterinarian may be called. Security officers will keep the horse and veterinarian under constant view and detailed notes are to be taken regarding the observation of any treatment given to the horse. Veterinarians are required to fill out veterinarian reports and sign upon completion of any treatment or medication given. Any horse in retention that is orally treated or medicated by a veterinarian will be scratched by the authorized Racing Official in charge.

14. Horses in the retention area are permitted to be walked in a designated area. This area will be monitored by Security Officers. Horses will not be permitted to leave the designated area. Horses requiring a blacksmith will be escorted by Security Officers who will keep the horse under constant view. Horses that require access to the main track for jogging must pre-arrange this access with the Security Officers in charge in the retention area.

15. Natural feed (oats, sweet feed, pellets, hay and hay cubes) and water will be allowed in the retention area. NO human food or drink of any kind is permitted in the retention area. Molasses is NOT allowed. Carrots are allowed. For further clarification on specific items, please contact HRA Security prior to retention.

The Official Veterinarian
Gigi Van Ostrand, D.V.M.
Cell: 403-651 - 4001

August 13, 2016

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