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Directive No. 201-2023 — All Breeds

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The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta are AMENDED as follows:

Chapter 2: Licensing Rules \ Part 2 Racing Participants: Designation and Licensing, Division 1 Racing Participant’s Licences Subdivision 2 \ Race Horse Owner’s Licence

The following rules are AMENDED to read:

Rule 45.1 g Fractional race horse ownership licences

(1) More than one individual may apply to be the *licenced owner of the same *race horse provided they each obtain all of the required memberships, licences and/or registrations for each applicable Alberta and Canadian racing breed association. A corporation, partnership, non-profit organization or any other entity comprised of more than one individual may not be a *fractional owner under a *fractional ownership.

(2) A person may only become a *fractional owner if the person has never owned a *race horse, or has not owned a *race horse during the 3 years prior to applying to become a *fractional owner.

(3) All *fractional ownership licences shall be valid for a period of 2 years, unless suspended or revoked sooner. A person may not be a *fractional owner for more than 2 years. During the 2-year licence period, a *fractional owner may own a fractional interest in more than one *race horse at a time.

(4) Each *fractional ownership must appoint an individual as its *owner’s agent, who will communicate with *trainers, veterinarians, *racing officials, on behalf of the *fractional owners.

(5) Each person wishing to be a *fractional owner is required to apply to *Horse Racing Alberta for a *fractional ownership licence on the *prescribed form. The application must:

(a) give the name and address of all the *fractional owners or proposed *fractional owners of the *race horse or horses in respect of which the application is made,

(b) name the *race horse or horses owned or proposed to be owned,

(c) specify the name under which each horse will run,

(d) specify the interest or proposed interest of each *fractional owner in each horse,

(e) specify to whom winnings are payable in respect of each horse and the proportionate share of winnings payable to each person,

(f) specify the person or persons entitled to enter, declare, nominate and scratch horses from a *horse race, and

(g) specify the name of the person appointed as the *owner’s agent for the *fractional ownership.

(6) Any liability of a *fractional ownership and any penalty imposed upon it shall jointly and severally apply to all of the *fractional owners, and may apply to any *race horse owned wholly or in part by the *fractional ownership, at the discretion of *Horse Racing Alberta.

(7) Any suspension of a licenced owner required to be licenced as part of a *fractional ownership in Rule 45.1 shall include any *race horse owned wholly or in part by the *fractional owner.

(8) If a fractional owner ceases to be a licenced owner, but the *fractional ownership and the *race horse are not suspended or otherwise ineligible, the remaining *fractional owners may continue with the *fractional ownership until their respective *fractional ownership licences expire.

(9) For greater certainty, these Rules, as they apply to a *race horse owner’s licence, a *licensed owner, or an *owner, shall also apply to a *fractional ownership licence, to the extent possible or applicable.

Dated in the City of Edmonton
in the Province of Alberta
this 4th day of April 2023.

Kent Verlik, Chief Executive Officer


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