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Directive No. 179-2021 — Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse

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The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta are AMENDED as follows:

Chapter 3: General Horse Racing Rules, Part 2 Race Meetings, Division 2 Division 2 Entries and Nominations

The following Rule 163 t is AMENDED to read:

Rule 163 t Prohibitions on entries

1) Subject to subrule (2), if a *horse is aged 13 years or more:

a) the horse is ineligible for; and
b) a person must not enter or start the horse in, any *race

2) The *stewards board may give their express permission for a *horse aged 13 years to start in a *race/s during its 13-year-old racing season, if:

a) the trainer provides to the *stewards board a veterinary report in respect of the horse's condition and suitability to race, and any other information, examination or report as required by the *stewards board; and
b) the *stewards board are satisfied that the horse is suitable to race.

3) Any permission granted by the *stewards board under subrule (2) expires at the conclusion of the *horse's 13-year-old racing season, or earlier as provided by the *stewards board.

4) Upon a *horse turning 14 years of age, it is immediately retired and de-registered under these Alberta Rules and is ineligible to race, trial or be trained.

5) If a *horse aged 13 years participates in any *race without the permission of the *stewards board in accordance with this rule, or if a *horse over 13 years participates in a *race, the *horse may be disqualified from the relevant *race.

Rule 163 t Prohibitions on entries previously stated:

(1) Seven year old and older *horses who are *maidens may not be entered in major thoroughbred *horse races.

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