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Directive #84-2016 (EIPH Program Certification Amendment)


The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta, Alberta Horse Racing Rule Chapter 3: General Horse Racing Rules, Part 1 Administration of Horse Races and Veterinary Care, Division 4 Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage is AMENDED as follows:

EIPH Program Certification - Major Thoroughbred/Major Standardbred

130 g EIPH eligibility requirements

(1) The official veterinarian may certify a horse as eligible for the EIPH Program when a licensed veterinarian and trainer verifies, on a prescribed form, that they have determined that it would be in the horse's best interest to race with furosemide and be placed on the EIPH certified list.

(2) The official veterinarian must certify a horse as eligible for the EIPH Program if the stewards/judges board or the official veterinarian certifies, on a prescribed form, that

(a) they have received documentation that the horse is qualified for the EIPH Program in another jurisdiction,

(b) the certification is made by a veterinarian in the other jurisdiction who performs the duties ordinarily performed by the official veterinarian in Alberta,


(c) the other jurisdiction is recognized by Horse Racing Alberta for the purpose of this section.

131 g EIPH Certified list

(1) When the official veterinarian is satisfied that a horse meets the eligibility requirements of the EIPH Program, the veterinarian must place the name of the horse on a list, to be known as the "EIPH certified list".

(2) The official veterinarian is responsible for keeping the EIPH certified list up-to-date.

(3) At each major Thoroughbred and Standardbred race meeting the official veterinarian must provide to the stewards/judges board a list of all horses currently on the EIPH certified list and the stewards/judges board must notify the racing secretary accordingly.

(4) A certification is only valid with respect to a horse race if it is accepted by the stewards/judges board at the time the horse is entered for the race.

132 g Remaining on the EIPH Program

A horse on the EIPH certified list must remain in the EIPH Program for 100 days from the date of its most recent certification, regardless of any change of owner or trainer.

133 g Only approved licensed Veterinarians and/or Animal Health Technicians/Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) may administer EIPH Program

Only a licensed veterinarian and/or a licensed Animal Health Technician (AHT)/Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) approved by Horse Racing Alberta may be contracted to administer furosemide and collect blood samples for the EIPH Program.

134 g Administration of Lasix

(1) A person entering a race horse in a race meeting must disclose en the entry form that a horse is on the EIPH certified list.

(2) If a horse is on the EIPH certified list, its trainer or the trainer's licensed representative must, before the horse competes,

(a) ensure that the horse does not receive furosemide for at least 36 hours before the race, except in accordance with clause (c);

(b)        (i) if a Thoroughbred; be present at the horse's stall to witness and assist if required, the administration of furosemide;

(ii) if a Standardbred, the trainer or his authorized representative must report with the horse to the test barn at the appointed time for the injection and assist if required, the administration of furosemide;

(c) ensure that the licensed veterinarian or licensed Animal Health Technician (AHT)/Reglstered Veterinary Technician {RVT) administers Intravenously not less than 1.50 mg and not more than 250 mg of furosemide to the horse between 4 hours and 15 minutes and 3 hours and 45 minutes before the published post time of the race In which the horse is entered.

(3) The stewards/judges board must scratch a horse from a race if the requirements of this section are not met.

135 g Misrepresentation of certification

A person who knowingly misrepresents that a horse is or is not on the certified EIPH list violates these rules.

136 g Decertification

The official veterinarian may remove the name of a horse from the EIPH certified list after the expiration of 100 days from its most recent certification on application on the prescribed form by the horse's trainer.

137 g Out of Province EIPH Programs

A horse from a jurisdiction, other than Alberta , which is racing in that jurisdiction under an EIPH Program must race under the EIPH Program in Alberta unless the horse

(a) has been in an EIPH Program for more than 100 days, and

(b) is decertified in accordance with these rules.

138 g List of EIPH certified horses to be provided

(1) At least 5 hours before post time of the 1st race on any horse race program, the racing secretary must provide the test inspector with a list of the EIPH certified horses participating in that program.

(2) The racing secretary must

(a) ensure that the appropriate symbol for furosemide use appears in the daily program for each EIPH certified horse,

(b) provide on the daily racing program the appropriate symbols approved by the stewards/judges board

(i) for horses treated with furosemide,

{ii) for horses treated with furosemide for the start for which the program is printed, but not treated with it for their last start, and

(iii) for horses treated with furosemide for their last start, but not treated with it for the start for which the program is printed, and

(c) ensure that the daily racing program includes an explanation of the symbols.


Dated at the City of Edmonton
in the Province of Alberta
this 19th day of July, 2016

Doug Fenske
Manager of Racing Supervision & Security

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