Race Horse Groom Training Program

If you love horses and are looking to make a decent wage this is the course for you!

In cooperation with and funded by Horse Racing Alberta. Accredited by Alberta Learning.

Tentative start date: Yearly intake in February

Total 15 weeks:

  • 13 weeks instruction
  • 2 week industry practicum

Your love of horses could put you on the fast track to a successful future. A passion for horses is alive and well with Olds College and Horse Racing
Alberta and we’re proud to offer you opportunities to define your career in the equine industry with this apprenticeship-type 15-week program.

This program is a serious introduction to horse racing in Alberta and the basics of working as a groom. The information in this course has been validated with the horse race industry to teach you skills that you are required to perform when working for a trainer, breeder or horse owner in their industry. You will learn:

  • horse handling techniques
  • grooming
  • feeding and nutrition
  • conformation and body conditioning
  • health care
  • first aid and bandaging techniques
  • tack and equipment usage
  • stable management for the flat race track and the harness race track

Employment Opportunities

  • All of last year's graduates were all offered several jobs before they graduated
  • Average wage range for people new to the occupation: $2500/month
  • You will be able to work with leading trainers in the Alberta Horse Racing industry on their practical experience
  • You will have the opportunity to fill the shortages in the area of trained personnel in our Alberta race horse industry

Registration Information

Dates: Tentative start date February
Total 15 weeks

  • To register: 1-800 661-6537 ext 4610 or fax your application to 1-403-556-4714 
  • Tuition: $700 +GST
  • Student Fees: Books: $250 +GST

Please include the following with your application.

  1. A short written paragraph on what your main areas of interest involving the horse racing industry?
  2. What are you looking for in career opportunities involving horses?
  3. List two or more equine and/or personal references (name, address, and phone number)

Please submit your references with a brief personal description (one page maximum) including your experience with horses, and why your references would recommend you for this program.

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