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Olds College / HRA Groom School (video)

Preparing students for the horse racing industry since 2003, the Olds College Groom School Program is designed to provide professionally trained people an opportunity to successfully enter the horse racing industry in Alberta.

Past students featured in this video include Corrine Andros, Matthew Dennis, Rachel Slevinsky, Kimberley Calhoun and Omar Moreno. Trainers commenting on the program’s success and how it is such a huge benefit to their work — and the Alberta industry — include Rod Cone and Ron Grieves.

Students featured in this video include Katalina Castillo, Mikaela Jones and Tessa Davis

- a joint Shinelight / HRA project

“I have a passion — that’s not just for the program — it’s for horse racing in general. I live it — that’s my life — horse racing. I want them (my students) to feel the same way I do.” - Theresa Sealy, Instructor
“We’re trying to install a high level of professionalism and a really good work ethic. We let them know that being at the race track is long hours, but it can be really rewarding.” - Kirsty Luft, Instructor.
“Personally for me, Olds College has been a saviour for Alberta racing” - Ron Grieves, Trainer
“There’s lots of jobs in the industry and our trainers are all looking for professional horse people.” - Theresa Sealy, Instructor

Interested in the Groom School program? Contact HRA.

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