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Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club - own a racehorse for $250/yr

Written by Curtis Landry and Julie Brewster

Owning a racehorse is often likened to owning a sports franchise – you own a stable with very high performance athletes, hire the trainer who has a full complement of staff to make sure your athletes are happy and healthy, choose your team colours, watch your stable prepare during spring training, get to feel all the nervous excitement going into a race and then, sometimes, get to celebrate victory in the winner’s circle! There is no thrill that equals standing in the winner’s circle with YOUR horse!

Like owning a sports franchise, owning a racehorse is an unattainable dream for some people. There are so many questions – where do you start? How do you purchase a horse? Who do you choose as your trainer? When do the horses race? Where do you go to get silks? And the biggest question, how much will it cost? So many questions can lead most people to give up before they even get started – but now there’s a way for almost ANYONE to be part of a sports franchise through two new racing syndicates in the province!

Part One: Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club

The Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club has been launched as an initiative from the HBPA, or the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (not being sexist, that’s just what it’s called!) to provide horse lovers and racing fans the experience of the wonders of horse racing as an owner. It’s a unique opportunity for casual fans to enjoy the sights and sounds and thrills of owning a race horse without breaking the bank.

Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club is a special syndicate because it’s open to 200 members, who will be partners in the club for a membership fee of $250.00. That’s it. $250.00. There won’t be any additional costs to members, but there will be all the benefits!

Club members will:

  • Be partners in three Thoroughbred race horses for the 2016 race season
  • Not have any additional costs for the horse for the 2016 race season
  • Have a special Horse Racing Alberta licence for the 2016 season
  • Have accompanied backstretch access and barn tours
  • Receive win photos
  • Share in all earnings net of racing expenses, lease costs and operating costs

ATRC is being managed by longtime horse owner and HBPA director Curtis Landry. Curtis has been involved in racing for his entire life, and learned the art of managing a racing stable from his father. He’s willingly stepped up to coordinate and manage the ATRC, and with his pool of knowledge, but more importantly his infectious enthusiasm, he’s just the person to guide members through the experience.

ATRC has already done a lot of the planning, and they have their three stable horses leased for the 2016 season:

Streakin Discreet (Discreet Cat out of Evasive) is a four year old bay mare. Curtis purchased her at the prestigious Keeneland Yearling Sale and since then has had nine starts and made $13,295.00. She is in training and is getting ready for her first race of the year.

Swift Sally Swift (Schramsberg out of Left Swiftly) and Krissy Fortynine (Kissin Kris, out of Fortynine Below) are both 2 year old fillies who were bred in Alberta and purchased at the CTHS Yearling Sale last September with the ATRC in mind. They both spent the winter in Phoenix for spring training and are doing very well! They are not scheduled to race yet, but are going their morning training sessions with ease.

Two different trainers have joined the ATRC team and will help share their experience and knowledge with the members and both will be happy for members to meet the horses during the season. Rod Cone is a veteran trainer, and he has over 5,000 starts and over $8 million in earnings. He has a very busy barn, but is committed to helping the members learn as much about horses and racing as he can. Craig Smith is a young trainer, and his stable is a hive of activity and Craig has never ending quips and friendly banter between his staff. Both trainers will work to keep the stable horses in good condition and will be great ambassadors for the backstretch.

Membership in the Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club is open, and the 200 partnerships are expected to sell quickly. The ATRC Orientation is scheduled for Saturday, May 28 at Northlands Park with a Meet and Greet, Backstretch Tour, Horse Parade in the Paddock and hopefully, Streakin Discreet’s first race of the season. Members will all get to meet ‘their’ horses, get to know if they prefer mints or carrots, pat their noses and then they will feel the power of a race horse and hear the drumming of hooves on the track. As a group they will experience the thrills of racing, camaraderie of sharing a winner and will have unique memories to treasure forever!

For more information on how to join the Club and become part of an exciting sports franchise syndicate, see the Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club Facebook page or contact Curtis Landry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See attachment links below for Club Application Form and HRA Owners License Application Form

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