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Did you know? (November 2023)

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Century Downs (CDR) and Century Mile (CMR) Industry Updates

Project Updates:

  1. Century Downs installing insulation, heat, and hot water in Barn #3, #4, #5, #6. Scheduled to be completed by April 1, 2024, or sooner.
    • Status update: Insulation ordered. Contractors quoting on heating/ mechanical/ electrical
  2. Century Downs installing racetrack lights. Scheduled to be completed by April 1, 2025, or sooner.
    • Status update: Initial drawings of light fixtures received. Light fixture and electrical infrastructure fit quoting underway

Racing and Backstretch Updates:

  1. CDR and CMR focussing on best practices to ensure safe racing conditions for the Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. In collaboration with the horsemen and HRA, and prior to each race meet CDR and CMR:
    • HRA will conduct a racetrack inspection determining and confirming the track’s suitability to conduct safe live racing. Any deficiencies or recommendations identified will be addressed using all reasonable efforts to resolve in a timely manner
    • Ensure each racetrack accommodates standardized and consistent sloped turns suitable for each breed to both race on interchangeably
    • Ensure a suitable and safe racing surface supervised by a dedicated and experienced Track Superintendent for each breed
  2. HRA and industry establishing an A-Track Safety and Improvement Subcommittee to monitor and report on the progress and performance of the investments being undertaken at CDR and CMR as indicated above in point 1

Have you seen?

The new Winner’s Circle at CMR launched at the 94th running of the Canadian Derby. Though not actually a circle, but is a fabulous back drop to celebrate and take that memorable 1st place finish photo opportunity!

Fun Facts – Did You Know?

There is enough thoroughbred racing surface sand material on CMR’s 1-Mile track to fill 209,200 sand boxes!

Download the PDF version with the link below.

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