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Directive No. 100-2019 — Standardbred

Written by Kent Verlik, Chief Executive Officer

The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta , Chapter 3: General Horse Racing Rules, Part 6 Standardbred Racing , Division 7 Driving Rules

The following Rule 458 s and Directive No. 085 - 2016 is AMENDED as follows:

Rule 458 s Obligations of driver

1. A driver violates these rules if the driver

a. fails to obey the starter's instructions;
b. wilfully backs off the starting gate after having been in position;
c. allows another horse to pass needlessly on the inside, or commits any other act that helps another horse to improve its position;
d. takes up or slows up in a manner in front of other horses so as to cause confusion or interference among the trailing horses;
e. lays off a normal pace and leaves a hole when it is well within the horse's capacity to keep the hole closed;
f. drives in a careless, reckless or unsatisfactory manner;
g. fails to set or maintain a pace comparable to the class in which the driver is racing, considering the track conditions, weather and circumstances in the race;
h. fails to properly contest an excessively slow pace having regard to the horse's ability, track conditions , weather and circumstances confronted in the race;
i. backs off from any position and subsequently comes on when challenged ;
j. fails to report an interference or any other infraction that occurs during a race and was noticed by the driver;
k. lodges a claim of foul, violation of these or any other rules, objection or complaint which the judges board considers frivolous;
I. drives a horse in a manner that prevents the driver from winning a race;
m. drives a horse to perpetrate or aid in a fraud or corrupt practice;
n. drives a horse in an inconsistent manner;
o. uses a whip exceeding 3 feet 9 inches in length plus a snapper that is longer than 6 inches in length, or is of a colour not clearly visible and acceptable to the board of judges ;
p. uses a whip or crop in a brutal, excessive or indiscriminate manner;
q. kicks a horse or allows their foot to come into contact with a horse by having their foot out of a stirrup;
r. uses a whip to interfere with or cause disturbance to any other horse or driver;
s. strikes a wheel disc with a whip.

2. Urging rule violations

(1) At any time while on the grounds of an Association , it is a violation of the Rules for a driver, or the person in control of the horse, to engage in any of the following actions with respect to their driving conduct:

(a) indiscriminate action, which is characterized by unrestrained or careless activity;
(b) excessive action, which is characterized by unreasonable quantity or degree, including using the whip continuously and/or without allowing the horse time to respond;
(c) aggressive action, which is characterized by inhumane, severe or brutal activity.

(2) The whip shall not be used on a horse in a race:

(a) where the horse is not visibly responding;
(b) where the horse is not in contention for a meaningful position;
(c) where the horse is not maintaining or improving its position;
(d) where the horse is clearly winning;
(e) where the horse has passed the winning post at the finish of a race.

(3) At any time while on the grounds of an Association, the whip shall only be used for safety purposes and for very light encouragement. The only movement allowed to encourage a horse is a movement of the wrist. It is a violation of the Rules for a driver, or the person in control of the horse, to use the whip to hit or make contact with the horse as follows:

(a) to raise their hand(s) above their head;
(b) to use more than acceptable wrist action;
(c) to cause any portion of the whip to be outside the confines of the wheels of the race bike;
(d) to strike the shaft of the race bike, or the horse below the level of the shaft of the race bike;
(e) to cut or welt a horse.

(4) A driver, or the person in control of the horse, is required to:

(a) keep a line in each hand for the entire race, from the starter's call to the gate until the finish of the race, except for the purpose of adjusting equipment;
(b) keep both hands in front of their body;
(c) keep their hand below their head, and
(d) have control of their horse at all times when on the racetrack.

(5) Violation of any of the provisions in Rule 458 s (2) Urging rule violations (1 ), (2), (3) and (4) may result in any of the following penalties:

(a) monetary penalty;
(b) suspension;
(c) placement;
(d) disqualification, and/or
(e) any other penalty as ordered.

Dated at the City of Edmonton
in the Province of Alberta
this 14th day of August, 2019

Kent Verlik, Chief Executive Officer
Horse Racing Alberta

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