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Notice to All Businesses Engaged in Horse Racing In Alberta

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The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta currently require all racing participants to have workers' compensation or "WCB":

Rule 100 Insurance and Other Coverage

1) A person who has a license in a horse-related occupation on their payroll as an employee at a "race track must, during their employment

a) ensure the employee is properly covered for worker's compensation under the Workers Compensation Act, or

b) if the Act does not apply, with such disability and liability insurance as is acceptable to the judges/stewards board, or both

2) A "trainer or other person shipping-in "race horses from outside Alberta must satisfy the judges/stewards board that their employees have coverage equivalent to the coverage described in subsection {1). (at page 37)

Horse Racing Alberta will be enforcing the requirement that employees in a horse related occupation have WCB coverage. Current License holders should ensure they are in compliance. In the future, in order to successfully obtain a License in Alberta, all applicants are required to:

(1) provide their employer's WCB number, or

(2) if the Act does not apply, provide appropriate proof on insurance coverage as is acceptable to the judges/stewards board.

WCB is compulsory for businesses involved in the following activities:

  • horse ownership,
  • horse training operations,
  • riders/jockeys while performing duties other than competing, such as feeding, training, exercising, and general horse care,
  • related transportation of horses, and
  • operation, maintenance and cleaning of barns, stables, corrals, pastures, and training facilities {e.g. race tracks, show jumping courses, riding trails, etc.).

More information on WCB premiums for horse racing related businesses can be found at the following link:

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