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War Horse Wednesday – Ulnvmystreak

Written by Julie Brewster
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Brutis & Kaitlynn Brutis & Kaitlynn

 (by Streakinisanattitude, out of Ulnvme)

Ulnvmystreak, aka Brutis, is an unlikely candidate for a beginner rider. Brutis is a big, strong, well bred, powerful chestnut racing Quarter Horse who is full of energy and full of himself. He’s only four. A year ago he was on the Quarter Horse circuit racing and he won a race on October 3 at Rocky Mountain Turf Club in Lethbridge.   

Kaitlynn Tooth is a cute, smiley blonde. She loves animals and someday would like to be a veterinarian. She’s only 13. A year ago she had a dream to learn to work with a young horse.   

Kaitlynn began riding several years ago, and started competing in local rodeos last summer. After just a couple of barrel runs she was hooked on the sport, and convinced her parents that she should be allowed to use her 4-H beef steer profits on a 4-H young horse project that would double as a barrel horse in the summer. Melissa Burton is Kaitlynn’s riding instructor and rodeo coach, and she thought Kaitlynn was ready to move on from her very well broke mare to a horse that would challenge her and make her a bit more competitive in the arena. Melissa knew of a couple of prospects, and encouraged the Tooth family to let Kaitlynn try her hand at a young horse. Kaitlynn, her mom Tara and Melissa went to see Wes and Susen Oulton at Olds, and Wes showed them the prospects he thought would be suitable for a young, beginner rider. But there was another horse in the paddock that caught Kaitlynn’s eye. Enter Brutis. He was most definitely not the one that Wes, Mellissa or Kaitlynn’s mom wanted her to try! But, for Kaitlynn it was love at first sight.

Kaitlynn knew the moment she met Brutis that she wanted him. She also knew that convincing her mother that this was a good idea was going to take some work! Kaitlynn played hockey on a competitive team (she was the only girl on a boys team, which shows her determination and maturity), and her mom, dad and brothers live and breathe the sport in the winter. Kaitlynn offered to give up hockey in order to devote more time at the barn to Brutis. She promised to do all the necessary ground work. She promised to be patient. She promised to listen to Melissa and her other instructors. She promised that she would be dedicated to him. She promised to love him. Probably the most telling promise Kaitlynn made was to give up the hockey arena for the riding arena, and her mom gave in. When they made the call to Wes and Sue they encountered more resistance. Wes needed to hear that they had a really solid plan in place before he would sell the horse. Wes raised Brutis, and also galloped him on the track and knew that he was a very strong, athletic, smart horse. Wes worried that any three year old off track Quarter Horse might be too much for Kaitlynn, and he knew that Brutis was a lot of horse and he had very emphatic reservations about the sale. But, once again, Kaitlynn’s overwhelming love for the horse won. Brutis loaded into the Tooth trailer as Kaitlynn’s new 4-H Project, and he has become the love of her life.

True to her promises, Kaitlynn has devoted herself to Brutis. They took him home and gave him 60 days off, and then gave him 60 days with Melissa to make sure he had time to let down from the track and get started on the right foot. Kaitlynn started doing ground work with him in February, and has spent 4 or 5 days a week at the barn ever since. She has loved every minute of learning to work with a young horse, and although he has definitely been a challenge she wouldn’t trade him for any other. Kaitlynn is competing in CGRA rodeos and local gymkhanas on her old mare, but she hopes to be competing on Brutis in two years. Kaitlynn has gained a tremendous amount of confidence with him already, and in addition to her 4-H and lessons, she rides him bareback, has taught him tricks, taken him to rodeo camp, and is working with him to compete in barrels, poles, keyhole and goat tying. For a horse with a lot of athletic ability and power, the line-up of events is perfect!

Kaitlynn loves Brutis. But the Tooth family has recognized that it is a mutual love. Not long ago Kaitlynn’s cat died. She was heartbroken, and it came as no surprise to her family when she immediately ran to Brutis for comfort. But they were astonished when they watched Kaitlynn lean in to his shoulder and see him wrap his head around her and hug her to him. For half an hour the little girl cried, and for half an hour the big, strong, powerful chestnut hugged her. The Tooth family have proudly watched Kaitlynn live up to her promises and they have watched her and Brutis form an unbelievable bond. Kaitlynn has been unwavering in her love for Brutis, and her family and her coach and the Oulton’s are thrilled to watch the smiley little girl and the powerful gelding become a team.

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