Thursday, 03 October 2019 13:37

Snow… Snow... And more snow... Sunday racing cancelled at RMTC

Written by Dale Johnson
Groom Shawn McConaghie in the barns at RMTC Groom Shawn McConaghie in the barns at RMTC

With Saturday being barely doable, and the track announcer unable to see the horses running through the snow fall at times, all eight races were still completed.

However, Sunday was a different story and the snow was plentiful and relentless. This meant that the B Cup Stakes Series had to be cancelled. This Saturday, all of the B Cup Stakes races are back and the weather forecast is a good one.

Rocky Mountain Turf Club will be running seven races Friday night, with nine races each day Saturday and Sunday. Full fields are the theme for the weekend and there will be some excellent horse racing action.

When you are on the north side of the back stretch at Rocky Mountain Turf Club, you are almost inevitably going to see Shawn McConaghie walking with a wheel barrow on his way to the dump pile with the evidence of another horse stall that has been cleaned out by Shawn in the wheel barrow. You will also notice that Shawn has a look of sheer focus on his face, or a gentle smile. Either way, you know Shawn is thinking about the horses that he cares for and what he has left to do, or smiling because he knows that his flock is being taken care of perfectly.

Shawn McConaghie is considered to be one of the best grooms at this, or any race track in Alberta. He works for veteran trainers Garry Marks and Ellie Rutherford, who are two of the top trainers at the race track. And I'm sure they would both readily admit that Shawn is a big part of their ongoing success.

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